About Crusades & CCIM College Graduations

You may not be aware but Capturing Courage International Ministries is very young. Our international launch is just four-years old. And it has taken us this time to come to understand the exact way that the Lord would have us minister. It has taken us this time to realize how God wants to work through us and how he does not want to work through us.

You would agree, I am sure, that any ministry cannot do all things for all people. In fact, the best ministries are those who focus on an exact way of being and doing. This is what we have been learning at CCIM.

And, as you can imagine, we have made a lot of mistakes along the way. We are therefore, working very hard to clearly say what we can be doing and what we cannot be doing.

I hope you have read our other pages about what we can be doing – about WHAT WE OFFER, and our THREE-FOLD MINISTRY, CAPTURING GOD’S HEART, and CCIM COLLEGE.

We bring inner healing and deliverance. We preach the core gospel of Jesus to congregations. We free off of people pain upon pain that has been holding them back. We disciple men and women alike into powerful intimacy with our Lord Jesus Christ. We facilitate authenticity and open hearts before God.

We come to you where you are. We love to stay in your homes and eat at your tables. We sit with your congregations and listen to your teachers. We travel as you travel and we love the fellowship of the people of God in many countries and villages and homes. We enjoy who you are.

To sustain what we do (in many places over many years) we are becoming clear about what we cannot do.


We will NOT attend or speak or share at crusades.

Here is why:

  1. Crusades are often tacked onto the end of very long days of ministry
  2. Due to this, we are already exhausted by the time of a crusade
  3. We notice that there is little preparation for a crusade
  4. There is little prayer preparation, we see no prayer team that has been praying for months
  5. We notice that crusades seem to be a ‘good idea’ but not often led by the Spirit

The only exception to speak at crusades would be:

  1. If the crusade has been a compelling of the Holy Spirit
  2. You would have sense of a crusade months before we arrived
  3. The Lord would also compel us to attend that crusade
  4. We would have a gladness of heart to participate in your crusade
  5. Busy-work would be set aside for that day
  6. It would be given the proper attention required as we call a town or village to turn to the Lord

If you are willing and called of the Lord to set forth a crusade in the way we have described here, then we would be happy to be part of this.

NOTE that we at Capturing Courage International Ministries are not interested in bringing large numbers of souls to the Lord. We are not interested in being heard by many people.

Rather, we are intent on bringing the body of Christ into deeper and more authentic relationship with the Jesus.

Our heart is to grow those who already call Jesus Lord, to new levels of healing, freedom, grace, forgiveness, strength, wisdom, and knowledge of God.

We believe that when the body of Christ becomes shining lights for God that their communities will become curious about their lives and will come to God in authentic and long-standing ways.

We suspect that crusades are a thing of the past. Not always perhaps, but in most cases. And that personally restored lives lived by those who know Jesus are the most effective and long-lasting ways of reaching your community for Christ.


We will NOT attend any CCIM College Graduations 

As we have now completed our College of Capturing Courage International Ministries we have been discerning our continued role in the establishment of this course around the world.

What has become apparent is that the course is a tool for pastors and lay-leaders to use in their locality as the Lord leads them.

Cyndy is the author of the course, CCIM is the distributor of the course, but neither Cyndy or CCIM are the owners of the course.

We do not give exacting oversight to those who are taking the course to their people. This would be impossible to sustain as the course takes root all over the world.

We realize that CCIM is stewarding an apostolic movement of the Lord. We therefore do not own the work of the Lord through you even as you use CCIM materials. The course is not for one country or one location in each country, it is for the equipping and encouraging of pastors where they are, in the millions of villages and village churches all over the world.

Because CCIM does not own or manage the course, we have realized that we cannot attend the graduations of CCIM College. In part, this is because the number of graduations would simply be too many to attend in any given year. If we made commitments to come to graduations we would no longer be doing the exact work we are called to do.

We do of course, stand in prayer and in congratulations of those who have done the hard work of this course, but we do not take ownership of your proceedings, be it the classes month by month or the graduations at the end of your teaching year.

Understand, that part of the ministry of CCIM is to give back to the common people a sense of their own volition, that they can make things happen for themselves, that choice belongs to all of us in some way, and we therefore leave your graduations to be owned by your class. We stand in prayer that your capacity would be broadened in the Lord as you take on this work and responsibility.

If you have any questions about our decisions about these things please CONTACT US.