College of Capturing Courage International Ministries

** Please read this page carefully.

It contains information that is very important for you to fully understand as you consider taking CCIM College to those that you serve.



CCIM College Course is a vigorous year of life-changing study; it is a prescriptive, intensive and compassionate discipleship journey.

Designed to take the body of Christ deeper into authentic relationship with Christ, CCIM College focuses on:

  • personal transformation
  • good leadership practices
  • foundations of spiritual authority



CCIM College is for the purpose of education to pastors and lay-leaders in rural areas.

We are not interested in setting up one location or school for this course or any of our work. CCIM College is to be facilitated for those who want it, near to where they live.

CCIM College is designed to go to the areas and people that invite and facilitate the program at their location. It is hosted by local churches and taught by local pastors.



CCIM College is material designed for you to use within your area and for pastors there. The materials are free to use.

CCIM College content is for those who are passionate about using the CCIM material within their own community of pastors and lay-leaders and where the Lord has established them in influence.

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MODULE ONE – Capturing God’s Heart – Months One-to-Four:

1. A Devoted Heart :: 2. Strength for Hard Times :: 3. Relationships :: 4. A Heart of Worship

MODULE TWO – Walking in Spiritual Authority – Months Five-to-Eight:

5. God’s Heart for this World :: 6. He Invites Us :: 7. We Stand in the Gap :: 8. Spiritual Warfare

MODULE THREE – CCIM Discipleship  – Months Nine-to-Twelve:

9. Poverty Strongholds :: 10. Becoming Disciples :: 11. Practically Speaking :: Final Testing


You will need a host church or place (somewhere to meet) and you will need a facilitating pastor (the one to teach the materials).

  • The course takes one full year to complete
  • You will meet monthly for 2-3 days each time
  • Together you will study the material
  • Between classes students will complete application assignments
  • Each class determines the days they meet and the schedule for the year
  • Each class will determine how they will manage food for the days they gather
  • We suggest creative solutions for the printing and xeroxing of the materials to you and your students – this needs to be the responsibility of each student or class.



The CCIM College course is assessed in three ways:  1. study in a group setting  2. the application assignments with each lesson;  3. the review questions and testing.

Therefore, the testing and review questions are only 1/3 of your focus.

  • Each month’s content has it’s own application exercises
  • There will be testing at the end of each four month unit
  • If you are part of a larger organization then you must take on the responsibility to provide certificates under your ministry name
  • If you are small and independent we at CCIM will consider issuing certificates to your students for your year of study (this would be decided on a case by case basis)



Cyndy Lavoie is the author of CCIM College and Capturing Courage International Ministries is the distributor of the course material.

The material is free for you to use. It is intended as a gift to the body of Christ. The course is the cumulative work of four years of writing.

We do not take direct oversight of the class/es you are hosting or teaching. Although we do provide and require that your teachers take 3 days of Teacher Training at the beginning of the course and part-way through the course.

We do not give any financial assistance for your use and implementation of CCIM College course in your area.

Our role is strictly as author and distributor and with course content assistance as you may need, in addition to training of those who will be teaching the course.

To find out more about CCIM College please CONTACT US and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Ask us for our COUNT THE COST conversation so that you can determine if CCIM College course is something for you to take to your area.


Cyndy Lavoie holds an honorary doctorate of divinity, is trained as a leadership coach, has worked in leadership development for years, and is an inner-healing prayer minister. Her spiritual gifts are wisdom, teaching, and prophecy.

“I notice what is broken and together we set to make right, to heal, to restore, to transform, all in the name of Jesus. All things are brought into wholeness with the touch and presence of God.”  Cyndy

You can find out more about her HERE and HERE



College of Capturing Courage International Ministries is Licensed under the  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.  (click on this logo / picture to see what the license means for CCIM College use)




To see what a CCIM College Chapter is like, Click HERE to see Chapter #52 – LIVES OF SULHA 



Find further feedback from our CCIM Students by clicking HERE

“The lessons have touched my life. Those days I had a different picture about God. The way I used to take God to be — I knew a man who hated sinners and if there was sin we do not dare to appear before God. Our backgrounds are not very appetizing, many wounds, hearts are scattered beyond repair, and we find the picture of self and the picture that the community has of self not promising of anything good. But actually, God has a different picture of me and I got a different picture of God when I looked at Jesus ministry. To serve I don’t need to be perfect. God sees the broader picture of me and he will get the best out of me.”  Beatrice

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“The CCIM College Course has been a work for me. I became strengthened and took courage. Before I would feel tired and weakened, but after this course, trials come but I would not be touched. I stand strengthened with courage and this course has made me very well and it has helped me greatly, it has also helped me as I counsel others in my church.”  Pastor Christopher

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“I’ve benefitted a lot in how to read the Bible. The Bible is a difficult book to read and I started reading it because I had an exam. I have been caught up reading it and I have received revelations from this study by reading the Bible. I wouldn’t have learned how to read the Bible without this course. I thought to work for God I must be good, blameless but I realized as Paul said, even though as a sinner I acted out of ignorance, and God considers me faithful as I come to him. To serve God I thought I needed much, but I realize that the little I have God can use. The little money, things, faith, is exactly what God wants to use, and I must be faithful with a little.” Benjamin