CCIM Team Uganda

The work in Uganda has gone along the following timeline: 

2011-2014 – Cyndy in Uganda, preaching and teaching, sharing all that God has shown us at CCIM.

2014 – Multiple requests, “Cyndy, please put your teachings into a form that we can access. We want a CCIM presence in the country even when you are not here.”

2014-2017 – Completion of 5.5 years of writing resulting in College of Capturing Courage International Ministries.

Meanwhile 2015-Present – Exponential requests for this CCIM Course by pastors and bishops, “Our pastors are not trained and this has become a weight to me. What you are giving us is an answer to our prayers.”

2017 – We have been establishing CCIM Team Uganda for the purpose of the supporting roles around CCIM College, to facilitate Orientations, Teacher Trainings, Follow-Up and more, within Uganda but also within the neighbouring countries as we respond to the requests there.

We have therefore begun a Cow Project for the purpose of a sustainable resource that will support the work of CCIM Team in Uganda, from within Uganda.

The revenue from the milk of these cows will sustain the work for decades and decades to come.

Additionally, in our own small way, this work of CCIM in Uganda is now supporting 4 families. Instead of giving money we are creating livelihoods. This is fantastic and we are so pleased to be offering this long-range opportunity to anyone who might like to participate.

Your dollars will invest hope, strength, and joy, in tens of thousands of people for decades to come.