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“We are very grateful for the teaching; it was so wonderful and a blessing to our pastors. Because when we met such teaching and when I passed through the manuals we found that it is good for our life. Before there was quarrelling amongst the leaders, division, discouragement no hope, but now we have hope and healing in our lives. We request you to to come back again.” Bishop James, Uganda

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Our CCIM Course is in translation in three different countries and into THREE languages. Already our materials are exponentially reaching many more than we can count. As translated material the impact will explode to many more. 

– YOU can be part of this –

At CCIM we are Equipping & Encouraging Indigenous Pastors around the world and you can help. You can participate. Here, your financial contributions go far. We develop leaders and those leaders develop other leaders and those leaders give all that they have learned with their congregations; a thousand-fold return on investments.




“Hullo Dr Cyndy, Greetings in the name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. We are very grateful to inform you that I have read the entire CCIM College Manuals and these have really changed my life completely. Previously, I was not discipling but now I am bringing Discipleship Training to women, men, youth, widows, and orphans. Also, due to the Teaching Manual we opened a new church in Dokolo Town. God Bless and Amen.” Bishop James