India 2017

THE HEART OF GOD is intent on restoring and healing us from the inside out. For long years we as people have struggled to know God. In fact, the more CCIM ministers around the world the more we see a prevalent conclusion, even in the church, that we cannot really know God.

This leaves folks at a standstill. They want to close that gap between themselves and God. They want to know an honest love relationship between themselves and the Lord. But they don’t know how to access this, to access God.

What results is a plethora of religion and ritual, sacrifice and penance, all meant to appease an angry God, all meant to prove ourselves worthy and to buy our way into eternal life. India, of all nations, is overwhelmed by these false notions and resulting false gods.

Yet, our last trip to Andhra Pradesh, India, resulted in individuals spontaneously coming to Jesus, just because we had showed up; because God had showed up through us.

I don’t really know how this works, except that the Spirit of God makes our hearts alive in him and in each other. Together we experience something of God that cannot be had by ourselves; we are made new by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Spirit of God.

We celebrated much healing and great numbers turning to Jesus. We expect this same stirring of the Spirit of God as we engage fellowship and ministry in India 2017.

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