Founding Director – Cyndy Lavoie

IMG_1741Welcome to Capturing Courage International Ministries. We have been investing in the body of Christ since the beginning of 2009. Our international launch was in 2011. The initial invitation came for myself (Cyndy Lavoie) to go to two communities in one country. Since that time we are now operating in over 20 countries.

The Lord began hinting about CCIM some thirty years ago. In the year 2000 the Lord began speaking to me about this work to come, preparing me and pressing upon me his heart for pastors around the world.

I am a coach by trade and a pastor by heart and ministry. I am a healing prayer minister, a teacher and a revivalist, with a focus on inner healing and deliverance, leadership integrity, ongoing discipleship, and life transformation. I’ve been in leadership development for much of my life, impacting others unto strength, clarity, and a clean walk with the Lord.

My own gifting is about going right to the heart of the matter by breaking down strongholds in the spirit realm, by leading in repentance and honesty before the Lord, and by teaching individuals and communities to stand in the gap for their people in the strength of our Lord Jesus Christ. Wisdom, prophecy, and teaching are the core spiritual gifts that I operate from.

I am the author of both our Capturing God’s Heart materials and our CCIM College Curriculum. I divide my time being at home in the Greater Vancouver, Canada area, and being overseas on the ground alongside pastors and congregations as the Lord leads.

When I am home I facilitate healing prayer with individuals and facilitate corporate restorative prayer to church and ministry leadership teams, in addition to the significant oversight and work of CCIM as a whole. When overseas I am teaching and empowering, preaching and praying, declaring new freedoms and healing in the Lord, bringing revival both personally and corporately.

We are blessed with a great and growing team at CCIM as the Lord continues to grow and expand this work. We are glad to meet you.

You can find out more about me at my personal website 

One of my Latest Endorsements:

“It has been my privilege to encounter and work alongside several “larger-than-life” individuals. People who swim consistently against the mainstream. Not for kicks, but to engage the world with authenticity and effectiveness. Cyndy Lavoie is one of those people.

Cyndy and I have been networking and collaborating for several years now. I have come to appreciate her as a person of vision, determination, passion and energy. Cyndy is unstinting in her dedication to the significant task she has taken on. She is un-phased by almost any challenge. She takes risks and spends herself to get things done. Recognising few will maintain her pace and trajectory, she works to keep others onside.

Cyndy challenges the status quo. She is bold, tireless, investigative, appreciative, collegiate. And refreshingly down-to-earth. She has walked the hard road to get to where she is. Her work, Capturing Courage International Ministries, is a credit to her imagination, insight and application. From a missiological perspective, it is innovative, scripturally-based and inter- culturally relevant. It is rightfully gaining a significant audience amongst Majority World leaders.”

Dr J Benham Clements