From the time I left Vancouver there was an energy and an awake-ness that I have rarely experienced before. Once I landed in Uganda I had a normal 7 hours of sleep and hit the ground running, with no jet-lag whatsoever! We give the Lord the glory for this!

My first day had Pastor Evans and I travelling about six hours to Pallisa, Uganda. We arrived there about mid-afternoon and I settled into a beautiful room with a double bed and it’s own attached bathroom! Luxury and soothing to my soul and spirit.

The next day Pastor Charles took us to the village where he has been teaching our CCIM College Course. The joy upon the faces of the people was stunning. Here are a few of the things they said:

P1680282 “I learned how to touch the heart of God.”  Justin 

“These classes have enabled us to really know the word of God. We learned the word of God deeper and can now teach the word of God to others. You have equipped us as disciples and we are now able to disciple others.” Antony 

“These lessons have lifted me up in my pastoral work. I have learned through these lessons that we need to prepare (for sermons), that we must not be a person who divides but unites people, providing solutions. I have learned how to disciple others and that when the peace of Christ is extended to our hearts we are strong in him.” Pastor David

“I was a very stubborn man but with the teachings God started changing this — from then I have changed.” John 

P1680306“We have been learning that God wants the heart that repents. Humility and obedience to God attracts people to God.” Mary 

“My heart rejoiced when God brought this teaching. It is not a teaching that is segregating or dividing the body of Christ, but is bringing unity.” Owena 

“My wife joined the classes and she said, ‘Come and see’, I found the classes too. I learned about loving my enemy and when I attended I went home in peace and slept well. Another person was at these classes, one who has been my enemy. Now, we are reconciled through these classes, once we were enemies but now we are friends.” Ezekiel 

“Many people are teaching in their own interests but not for the redemption of all humans. CCIM is bringing back people’s attention to look at God’s word critically and very carefully. In today’s world people are serving God like they are in different political parties, claiming to be serving God. CCIM is a blessing and opportunity to bring a transformation on how to serve and read the word of God.” (didn’t get his name)

In the afternoon we met with a group of about 20 pastors, representing some 12 – 15 denominations / churches who were interested to know more about CCIM College Course. This was another great time and the Lord gave me the grace to fully articulate the heart and vision and the years and preparation behind the course, in addition to the expected outcome and impact as we have seen so far.

“People haven’t stopped talking about it here Cyndy. Also those that never turned up to hear about it in the afternoon are very regretful they missed the opportunity to hear what the course is call about and to meet with you.” from Trish, a missionary from Australia, who was in attendance this day


The pastors were immensely impressed and happy, very happy, for this offering to the body of Christ for their edification and strengthening. Again, we give all the glory to God.

That night I set my alarm for 2:30am as we were catching the 3:00am taxi out of Pallisa straight for Kampala. Amazingly enough, we made it to Kampala in a mere 4 hours and were able to catch another taxi to Mbarara, travelling another 5 hours to arrive in the early afternoon.

There we met with one of the groups that Pastor Evans has been teaching the CCIM College Course. Again, the feedback of the students was unbelievable. Here is some of what they shared:

“The lessons have touched my life. Those days I had a different picture about God. The way I used to take God to be — I knew a man who hated sinners and if there was sin we do not dare to appear before God. Our backgrounds are not very appetizing, many wounds, hearts are scattered beyond repair, and we find the picture of self and the picture that the community has of self not promising of anything good. But actually, God has a different picture of me and I got a different picture of God when I looked at Jesus ministry. To serve I don’t need to be perfect. God sees
the broader picture of me and he will get the best out of me.”

“The CCIM College Course has been a work for me. I became strengthened and took courage – it has done a great work for me. Before I would feel tired and weakened, but after this course, trials come but I would not be touched. I stand strengthened with courage and this course has made me very well and it has helped me greatly, it has also helped me as I counsel others in my church.”  Pastor Christopher in Uganda

P1680440“CCIM is a Spirit-inspired, practical ministry. This is Biblical ministry which causes our heart’s to set right with God. We are leaders and we must have transformation. Character must be above gifting. Wherever gifting is above character it will be a mess. Theology gives knowledge but does not prepare a person to be equipped in the things of God. Theology does not change the person – we must have practical training that touches the inner man – CCIM training does this. We are not remaining the same.” Pastor Evans

“I’ve benefitted a lot in how to read the Bible. The Bible is a difficult book to read and I started reading it because I had an exam. I have been caught up reading it and I have received revelations from this study by reading the Bible. I wouldn’t have learned how to read the Bible without this course. I thought to work for God I must be good, blameless but I realized as Paul said, even though as a sinner I acted out of ignorance, and God considers me faithful as I come to him. To serve God I thought I needed much, but I realize that the little I have God can use. The little money, things, faith, is exactly what God wants to use, and I must be faithful with a little.” Benjamin

From there we moved to Pastor Solomon’s home where we were staying that night and after a bit of a nap and a light supper I preached about ‘The Core Ministry of Jesus’ at midnight, during their overnight service. Again, God just kept refreshing me and the message was delivered well in spite of the incredibly long day (remember we had begun that day at 2:30am) – we give him the glory!

And this was only the first half of my eight-days on the ground in Uganda. It was a short but full trip, checking in with our CCIM College Course teachers and students and having the necessary conversations with those interested in the work as well. We give the glory to our Lord for this work accomplished.

“We pray that God enables CCIM to achieve its Main Global Mission of transforming the way we teach and preach His Word.”  Pastor Charles

3 thoughts on “UGANDA 2015

  1. I Thank God For You Ciyndy Because God Is Using You A Good Work In Uganda.
    When You Meet Us In Uganda, Your Work Encourages Us So Much, We Love You And I Pray That God Will Bless You For His Good Work Your Doing. Hope To See You Again In Uganda For This Year 2016.
    May God Bless You.

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