Uganda 2016 – CCIM College Teacher Training Begins


CCIM had a great six week ministry time in Uganda. In those six weeks we were in Kasowa, Mubende, Madudu, Kasambya, Mbarara, Kampala, Kitigoma, Pallisa, Jinja Islands, Bukwe, and then back to Kampala for the last few days.

I have spoken, preached, or taught 38 times during the 42 days in the country. We have stayed in 12 homes. We trained nearly 100 pastors to teach CCIM College Course to their people.

“This course is bringing us back to our first love. It is reviving us. It is strengthening us.” Pastor Ivan regarding CCIM College

The movement of the Lord has been deep within the hearts of people. I have shared Sulha every single place I’ve been. It is a challenging message, a hopeful message, a message that is compelling us to forgive and to move past hurt and harm and into the Lord’s great love for all people – even those we consider our enemies. 

You can listen to it (and it’s Lugandan translation) HERE

“I shall make peace (shalom) your administrator and saving justice your government. Violence will no longer be heard in your country, nor devastation and ruin within your frontiers. You will call your walls ‘salvation’ and your gates ‘praise’.” Isaiah 60:17b-18 The New Jerusalem Bible



CCIM College is an intensive discipleship journey in Transformational Leadership. It has two unique things about it. ONE: it is transformational. The Holy Spirit is blowing through it and shifting and strengthening the core of leaders in the body of Christ. SECOND: it is designed to be taught to pastors where they are.

Upwards of 80% of pastors within countries cannot access the good Biblical training already established in primary cities. If they were able to access it they would have done so by now. But nearly everywhere we go bishops tell us,

“Our pastors are not trained and this has become a weight to us. This course is an answer to our prayers.”

It is important to note that CCIM College is NOT Bible School. Rather, it is a study that complements Bible school, focussing on addressing our hearts and influence as leaders.

“I have been a pastor for some years. After this training I realize I have not been a pastor. I will return home a true pastor.” A Pastor at our first Teacher Training in Mubende, Uganda

Thank you for your prayers and invitations alongside this work. And thank you to all those who hosted and sponsored CCIM in Uganda in 2016, and set this CCIM College Teacher Trainings off to a good start.