Uganda 2017 Again

September and October of 2017 found CCIM in Uganda once more. This time we gathered as CCIM Team Uganda for training and development, fellowship and visioning forward as team. We brought our primary CCIM core teachings to conferences. And we delivered two three-day Teacher Trainings for CCIM College in two areas, Luweero and Dokolo.

2017 had us fine-tuning our Teacher Trainings for CCIM College, and we are still in the development stage of identifying all of the required key supporting roles around the course materials. We are committed to being alongside pastors and leaders in such a way that they can be wildly successful with our CCIM College Course. We are finding such dramatic life-changing transformations happening in folks lives as they take on these teachings that we are spurred to greater faithfulness alongside our Lord.

A couple of the key testimonies from some of the work we brought: 

“Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen. We are very grateful for the teaching; it was so wonderful and a blessing to our pastors. Because when we met such teaching and when I passed through the manual we found that it is good for our life. Before there was quarrelling amongst the leaders, division, discouragement no hope, but now we have hope and healing in our lives. Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:26 – 39. May GOD bless you. We request you to to come back again. I look forward to hear from you. Thanks, James”

“Praise GOD mummy, greetings from Christine and the entire church thanks you for your commitment to God’s work; may he reward you abundantly. I am happy to share with you a testimony about sulha*: we had an amazing crusade where a man of god came. Apostle & I were coordinators and so we had to mobilize other pastors but they were not willing to come. The man of god prepared dinner where we all met. They expressed their feelings, their hatred before us & apostle expressed his feelings also. After this we all reconciled and worked together for the success of the crusade.  During the crusade we all shared tasks & many people who attended were surprised to see (our town’s) pastors who had sworn not to work with Apostle, seated with him & preaching together. I thank God for that because it has broken the walls the devil had built among the pastors & people of (this town). I am still reading thru modules. Greetings to all. Christine”  [ *Sulha is one of our primary teachings that Christine had been taught about 2 weeks prior to this time in her town.]

CCIM also met with fifteen CCIM teachers who are facilitating the course in the western region of Uganda. It was a good day of further training and context about the work of this course in addition to addressing some of their logistical challenges in the passing on of this work. We had a blessed and fruitful day together. We learned a lot this day and were pleased with our time.

It was an intense but great number of weeks in the country. We give all the glory to the Lord! And we bless each other.