Uganda 2017

CCIM is presently 3-months in the country of Uganda. This is our 7th time here in this beautiful land. While over the previous years we have ministered in some 23 districts, this ministry trip has us at an additional 7 districts. One of the things that God does through CCIM is the claiming of ground for the heart of God through our presence in a specific area. And we are seeing that God would advance his heart through the work of CCIM throughout even more of Uganda.

CCIM has been bringing our core teaching content. This includes Sulha, Retribution versus Restoration, The Power of Agreements (or the Second Witness), as well as Keys to Revival and Revival Process.

We have been simply preaching on Sundays, speaking at pastor and leadership conferences, and then bringing CCIM Teacher Training for those who are beginning to roll our CCIM College Course out and about within their realms of influence and ministry.

So far in the last 6 weeks, we have been to 17 districts and pastors and congregations, staying in some 17 homes of all different shapes and sizes. What a blessing it is to gather with the body of Christ!

Everywhere CCIM presents the Lord swoops in and blesses our hearts in grand fashion. Here, and on the sidebar, is some of the feedback so far:

“Your presence among us has made a mark. The teachings you brought have already changed our lives. This region will not remain the same. You have exactly what we need.”

CCIM is another 8 weeks in the country with numerous more places and congregations, pastor and leader conferences, with more CCIM teacher trainings to come. Praise be to the Lord.