Uganda 2018

We are progressing along nicely. The establishing of CCIM Uganda Team is coming together. We have been at this now, connecting and learning and visioning, for more than six months. In fact, our first team fellow came on-board 10 months ago.

I am in Uganda for nearly 7 weeks, with conferences and CCIM Equipping TT Days for the purpose of answering folks queries about our course, but also in training CCIM Uganda for the work.

Let me give a bit of context. At Capturing Courage International Ministries we have a one-year course for pastors and lay-leaders. It is a free gift (there are no course fees) to the body of Christ, meant to be taught (facilitated) by leaders of leaders (i.e. pastors teaching pastors) in their home and ministry areas.

Upwards of 80% of pastors in the majority world have not had any training whatsoever. Even though there are good Bible Colleges in most primary cities in most countries, the majority of pastors cannot access this training due to finances, distance, and time constraints.

Now, CCIM College is NOT Bible School. But it is an astounding accompaniment to more formal training. We call it transformational leadership and discipleship for pastors. It comes with a Diploma in Transformational Leadership once completed.

And we have SO MUCH INTEREST in this course, so many invitations that the requests have long since outstripped my own personal ability to adequately respond.

Therefore, CCIM Uganda is a small group of fellows taking on the supporting roles around this course. They are the key players in contact with pastors on the ground in Uganda. They deliver our 2-Day CCIM Equipping TT Days, and then too, the follow-up and prayerful standing alongside pastors in the establishing of CCIM College Classes.

At present, in Uganda, we have more than 70 inviting pastors for this course, representing about 35,000 pastors and leaders. The work is significant.

During this year, 2018, we are establishing this team and the systems and processes necessary around CCIM College. It is a trial-and-error process of learning and tweaking and figuring out just how to be alongside folks so that they can take on the course in a sustainable and successful manner.

Check out our Cow Project as we endeavour to create a self-sustaining CCIM Uganda.

Please keep us in your prayers! This is so much appreciated. The primary work for CCIM 2018 is in the country of Uganda. We are on a new learning curve, trusting the Lord together, visioning forward, establishing ourselves in faithfulness to this present task.